Web 3.0 / Crypto Investment Team - Utah

LocationSalt Lake City - Utah


Salt Late City, Utah


Elevation Capital is a leading venture capital firm focused on seed and series A investing. Elevation began in 2002 and is currently investing out of its seventh pool of capital. The fund has partnered with over 150 companies across Consumer Internet, SaaS, Fintech and Web 3.0 / Crypto, and has offices in Salt Lake City and India.

In this role, you will evaluate interesting opportunities, form deep investment theses, and invest in startups, protocols, & DAOs. The ideal candidate will have a strong technical / engineering background, which will enable them to perform the necessary technical diligence of blockchain infrastructure and protocols and other Web 3.0 technologies.

At Elevation, we are strong believers in the new paradigms blockchain technology is unlocking. We are very actively investing in early stage companies across the world. Our portfolio spans multiple domains including - blockchain infrastructure & protocols, DeFi, NFTs, DAO tools, etc. Large global Web 3.0 businesses will be built border-less from anywhere in the world! This role will give you an opportunity to identify and partner with these category-defining builders across the US and India/Asia.

Role Responsibilities

Thesis building

- Drive research and analysis to shape investment themes and investigate emerging trends

- Help publish work and shape the discourse and conversations on Web 3.0 / Crypto

Deal sourcing

- Meet entrepreneurs and build relationships with the Web 3.0 / crypto community
- Manage pipeline and identity founders and companies who are building novel technologies

Deal execution

- Dissect the technology behind the Web 3.0 technology to understand how it works and assess its merits - Conduct commercial diligence (i.e., assessing a market, company, and founding team)

Portfolio management

- Build strong relationships with portfolio founders, and become their thought partners
- Monitor financial / operating metrics and industry dynamics of portfolio
- Assist with recruiting and fundraising


- You live and breathe Crypto: strong philosophical alignment, crazy curiosity and deep community engagement- Technical / engineering background, which enables you to deeply understand the inner workings of any crypto / Web 3.0 technology
- Demonstrate deep understanding across protocols, middleware, DeFi, gaming and NFTs, and other emerging areas within the space
- A team player, curious self-starter with proven ability to think critically and work independently
- Excellent communication skills and ability to distill complex details into concise, easy to understand takeaways
- 2+ years of work experience (no upper limit) - at least a year in Web 3.0/ Crypto projects, communities or companies will be a big plus

Process: If interested, please email your CV to scott@elevationcapital.com