Launched In February 2020 by IIM Lucknow alumni Nishank Jain and Sanjay Bhat, Anar is a B2B business networking platform that offers small and medium businesses (SMBs) a new medium to create their digital identity, discover and build relations with suppliers and buyers, enable transactions between them, and consequently expand their reach across India. While small businesses constantly need to network to find new suppliers, vendors, and customers, more than 85% of them have small, fragmented networks. Growing up in a (jewelry) business family in Mumbai, Nishank understood firsthand the challenges business owners faced in building an extensive network offline given the scarcity of relevant platforms. Sanjay was intrigued by the opportunity to create a new product category. Their vision is to build Anar as the go-to B2B networking platform for SMBs across India, enabling over 70 Mn businesses to get access to a vast network, create their digital identity, and find a place to stay updated with industry trends.