StageSeries A

We partnered with Fareye when they were at ~60 customers and had just crossed a million in ARR

Fareye is changing the way logistics companies get visibility on their shipments across the world. The company offers a visibility platform for long and short haul transport that provides drag and drop functionality to create operational workflows suitable for any customer’s logistics processes. FarEye delivers a simplified, innovative, and intuitive experience across the entire logistics ecosystem through real-time visibility, multi-enterprise collaboration, and last-mile execution, and enables the world's leading enterprises to reduce delivery times and increase on time deliveries. Currently Fareye serves more than 150 enterprises across 20 countries including companies such as DHL, Amway, Hilti, Domino's, and Walmart. We partnered with Fareye as the lead investor in their Series A round and have also backed them in their follow on rounds.