Polymerize is a fast growing material informatics company based out of Singapore and India. Founded in 2020, Polymerize is currently serving large scale chemical companies across multiple geographies. Polymerize’s platform enables R&D teams to collaborate and effectively manage all of their experimental data, design new experiments and get AI based recommendations for new formulations or alternative ingredients with desired properties.

The ever increasing demand for high performance materials to support advancements across industries such as electric mobility, circular economy, aviation, energy, healthcare etc is pushing the companies to innovate & develop materials faster. And, the material companies need to identify the right formulations which will meet their objectives. The current process of formulation development is iterative, manual, time & cost intensive and can take anywhere from several months to a few years. Polymerize, with their software is shortening this development time significantly and helping R&D achieve cost savings while generating new formulations with better outcomes.