Building India's First AI-powered content ecosystem

Ankush Sachdeva, Co-Founder & CEO, Sharechat

16th April 2021
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Episode Description

In Episode 2 of Summit Series, Mayank Khanduja (Partner, Elevation Capital), speaks to Ankush Sachdeva (Co-Founder & CEO, Sharechat) about his incredible journey as CEO of India’s first purely non-English social networking platform. He talks about the evolution of Sharechat over the last 6 years and the culture of rapid experimentation in the company.

Ankush shares his vision for Mohalla Tech (which owns Sharechat and Moj) as going beyond being just a social media platform to being India’s first AI-powered content ecosystem. He tells Mayank of the power of AI in bringing tailored content to the user, in preventing abuse, and in creating a much more engaging content ecosystem overall. He also speaks about what drives him to greater heights and how his vision for the company is limited only by his dreams and ambitions.

Episode Summary

  • 00:15 - Introduction to Ankush and Sharechat
  • 6:10 - Evaluating the choice between starting up immediately after college and sitting for placements
  • 8:25 - How did the founders find the idea for Sharechat?
  • 10:45 - DNA of rapid experimentation at Sharechat
  • 16:00 - Building an AI-powered content ecosystem
  • 22:45 - Launching Moj in 30 hours
  • 30:10 - The role of AI in content consumption
  • 36:40 - The role of AI in preventing abuse - making platforms safe
  • 45:44 - What drives Ankush