Building An AI Powered Text to Speech Platform

8th February 2023
Poorvi Vijay, Sneha Roy
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Episode Description

In this episode, Poorvi Vijay (Associate Vice President, Elevation Capital) speaks to Sneha Roy (Co-Founder, Murf) on her journey of building a world-class AI-powered text to speech platform from India.

Murf is an AI enabled online voice over studio which allows users to generate and edit voice overs which allows users to generate and edit voice overs and sync them with visuals in a simple and inexpensive way. Whether it is creating a new product explainer video or creating a podcast, you can choose from 120 + Murf Voices to serve a variety of use cases. Murf helps users to go from text to speech with a versatile AI voice generator. Murf also offers products like google slides add on, voice cloning to help a variety of users. Their solution has surely empowered many individuals and enterprise teams to produce content faster.  What we liked about Murf was the amazing team and their ability to scale up quickly in the synthetic audio space.

Listen to Sneha as she talks about her story, early days at Murf and how she went about building a team

Episode Summary

00:42 - Introduction to Murf

01:42 - The idea behind Murf and Sneha’s motivation to start. How her past experiences led to the genesis of Murf

04:38 - Use Cases of text to speech and voice-over, tailwinds in the space and how Sneha looks at the evolution of the space

07:13 - How a customer can use Murf and what he/she can do with the product? How can users get the best out of Murf and a sneak peak into a few interesting use cases!

10:48 - How did the team approach the GTM strategy and their learnings from the last couple of years

13:43 - How Sneha envisions the next 2-3 years for Murf. Her thoughts on PLG motion and Integrations

16:27 - How is the content and synthetic media stack evolving and Murf’s plan of expansion into spaces beyond audio

18:37 - How do SaaS founders go about deciding whether to go vertical or horizontal in context to the synthetic media space

20:33 - Internal Strengths of the Murf team and how it evolved as the team grew

22:46 - How did they go about choosing investment partners - both at a seed stage and at a series A stage