Deep Dives

Escape Velocity: Charting the Future of India's Space Economy

Our thesis and areas of excitement in spacetech


Elevation Frontier Tech Team

27th February 2024

Download our complete 'Escape Velocity' deck here

Spacetech in India has seen incredible momentum in the past five years, with the number of space startups going from virtually nothing to 200+ today.

India’s rich legacy as one among a few spacefaring nations, access to a deep technical talent pool, ability to deliver high-quality outcomes at some of the lowest costs, burgeoning local and international demand from both private and government enterprises, and strong capital flows put India at a thrilling inflection point within spacetech.

From the landmark opening up of space to private players in 2020 to the creation of In-SPACe to develop a private ecosystem and the latest decision to liberalise FDI in the space sector, the government has ushered in a slew of reforms to take India’s space economy from $8bn to $44bn over the coming decade.

Elevation’s Frontier Tech practice details our thesis on the India spacetech opportunity and emerging areas that excite us the most in this 25-slide deck.

We break down the New Space value chain, demand and supply drivers, venture investment landscape, Indian spacetech ecosystem, and the opportunity areas where disproportionate value will get created out of India.

If you are a spacetech founder building across any of the spaces discussed here or have exciting ideas in spacetech, reach out to any of our Frontier Tech team members: Mayank Khanduja, Akarsh Shrivastava, Manish Advani, Anandlogesh RR.