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What If...We Win?

Unlocking The India Consumer Tech Opportunity

23rd April 2024

“The golden age of consumer tech startups is behind us”

“India will forever be just a DAU/MAU farm of the world”

“The Indian customer doesn’t want to pay for anything"

These are just a few of the pessimistic takes that founders striving to build in India's consumer tech today are hearing incessantly.
Constructive doubt fosters curiosity. But cynicism? That's the sand in the gears of progress.

We at Elevation are convinced, now more than ever, that massive opportunities in the consumer tech space in India are waiting to be tapped, and audacious founders will build large, mission-driven, lasting companies in the coming years in this space.

That's why today we are releasing a set of considered, data-backed theses on the incredible opportunities we see waiting for audacious founders to tap into in India's consumer tech space.

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