Transforming B2B BNPL In India

9th March 2022
Vasudha Wadhera, Anup Agarwal
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Episode Description

In the Summit Series - Day One podcast, we speak to the founders that Elevation is partnering with, about their journeys, Elevation’s investment thesis and the opportunities that lie ahead.

In this episode, Vasudha Wadhera (VP, Elevation Capital) speaks to Anup Agarwal (Co-founder, Mintifi) on the journey of transforming B2B BNPL and business payments in India.

Mintifi partners with leading brands such as Tata Motors, Jockey, Berger Paints etc through its plug & play platform and enables inventory financing for their distributors and retailers. Traditional lending products do not meet the immediate, short-term needs of SMEs, which constitute ~80% of their total  financing needs. With proprietary credit underwriting technology and real-time digital processing, Mintifi provides credit on tap to these SMEs. This creates a win-win proposition for brands, distributors and retailers, fuelling revenue growth across the supply chain.

Episode Summary

00:13 - Introduction to Mintifi

01:40 - Why Mintifi? How Anup and his co-founders decided to go after the B2B BNPL space

05:23 - How Mintifi won some of their early, marquee, big name clients

08:24 - Navigating the supply side constraints in a lending business

16:18 - Anup interviews Vasudha! What excited Elevation about the Mintifi thesis