Anandlogesh RR


Anand focuses on early-stage E-Commerce, Food Tech, Prop Tech, Climate and Agritech investments at Elevation. Prior to Elevation, he joined GOAT Brand Labs (D2C Aggregator that has the likes of Chumbak and Pepe Jeans in its portfolio) as a part of the core team across various functions, specialising in Growth and Productization. Anand graduated from IIT Madras in 2022 with a degree in Chemical Engineering (among top three in the batch). Outside of academics, he was nominated by the Dean to lead two student teams and ran an educational podcast channel that featured executives and founders from a breadth of companies.

Meeting new startups feels like stepping into a world of uncharted possibilities. The excitement of innovation and entrepreneurial energy in every conversation never fails to leave me in awe

Early-stage founders are truly one of a kind - they're incredibly bold and courageous as they fearlessly explore new areas, and to encounter problems that people do not have obvious answers for. These founders possess remarkable ideas and an unwavering determination to make a meaningful impact. Every conversation I have presents an opportunity to ponder over these domains, unravel groundbreaking concepts, and witness the birth of innovation. Being a part of their growth journey is truly thrilling as I eagerly contribute my expertise and support to help shape a brighter future alongside these exceptional individuals.