Chirag Chadha


Chirag focuses on early and growth-stage investments across Consumer, Logistics, and Mobility at Elevation. Prior to joining us, he worked with ITC and led automation projects across factories to drive fixed cost reduction. He pursued entrepreneurship in college while completing his B.Tech and M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay.

The opportunity to meet, interact with and learn from ambitious, talented and mission driven founders is what gets me out of bed everyday.

"I am intrigued by the role that technology is playing in creating delightful customer experiences and in enabling access to new products & services for a large number of Indian consumers today. Having been on the other side before starting my investing journey has taught me a lot of invaluable lessons.

I feel super lucky and privileged to have the opportunity to learn from and partner with the best of founders over long arduous journeys of creating value and customer delight. If you're building something in the Consumer, Logistics, and Mobility spaces, please do reach out to me, no matter how early you are, and we can catch-up over your choice of drink."