Head of Corporate Development



Ganesh leads Strategic & Corporate Development at Elevation, working closely with portfolio companies on strategic and capital-raise initiatives. Previously, he was with Spark Capital for 15+ years, where he led the Digital-Tech & Consumer Investment Banking practice. When he’s not working, Ganesh likes to read and is an avid gamer.

If you believe business is built on relationships, make building them your business.

It’s an exciting and energizing experience to work with remarkably talented founders who are relentless in their pursuit of bold and innovative ideas. It's a privilege to have deep-rooted relationships with them, win their trust and think for them. Akin to a pit crew in F1 that adjusts the aerodynamics of the car, refuels and releases it safely to help it cruise faster, I work with our portco founders to create engagement and impact by crystallizing interest from global investors and ensure that the founders get to do what they do best — continue to ‘build out’. To contribute meaningfully to their journey and seeing their vision unfold is immensely enriching.