Finance Manager

Shubham Gupta


Shubham focuses on managing finance and governance related matters at portfolio companies. Prior to joining Elevation, Shubham worked in corporate finance, strategy and M&A roles at Indian Oil Corporation Limited. Shubham has completed his articleship training from Deloitte in statutory audit and is a rankholder in CA exam. Outside of work, Shubham's inquisitive nature drives him to expand his horizons, continuously seeking to deepen his insights and broaden his perspectives through reading a wide array of books, penning blogs, meeting new people and maintaining a well-balanced social life.

Funding is a cataclysmic event for a startup, second only to the big bang in terms of the energy it produces. With the right partner in the journey, it produces the “next big thing

I enjoy working with the finance teams and founders of a diverse array of early and growth stage portfolio companies, each with its unique vision and potential to revolutionize industries. It’ a unique job with a blend of strategic thinking, financial acumen, and the thrill of being part of something transformative. Be it due diligence, financial analysis, compliances, structuring, treasury, governance or market research, Elevation has bestowed upon me unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The satisfaction of witnessing your support foster the growth of innovative enterprises and impact their trajectory is deeply fulfilling and motivates one to go beyond the usual.