Partner and CFO

Vaibhav Goel


Vaibhav is the CFO at Elevation, bringing in two decades of experience in finance. He is responsible for all fund related finance matters. Prior to this, Vaibhav had been associated with Macquarie and Genpact

Focus on your core competency and you will always be successful

"I consider it to be a privilege to work closely with passionate founders on their growth journey and help them integrate the worlds of business and finance.

Supporting teams in the set up and scale up of finance processes, enhancing good governance practices, helping teams improve financial management including finding alternative sources of capital - are all things I love contributing to. Being able to leverage learnings from across the portfolio and sharing them with the wider spectrum of finance teams is a very humbling and a very satisfying aspect of this role.

I consider myself to be successful if the teams we support (investing teams and founders) are able to focus on their core jobs, while all things finance and compliance are being managed by us."