Vikram Nanda


Vikram focusses on early stage Fintech and Healthtech investments. Previously, he worked in Research at Matrix Partners and Private Equity at Bain, helping respective teams with his research and analytical capabilities . Vikram graduated from Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, where he served as the Head of the Placement Cell.

India is at the cusp of creating multiple generation defining companies and the opportunity to contribute to this journey as a partner to entrepreneurs driving this revolution is what excites me about my role at Elevation.

The most exciting part about early stage investing is marrying the current status quo with future possibilities and partnering with entrepreneurs who can drive this change. More often than not, the best entrepreneurs educate us about unique customer insights and their vision and passion to build large, meaningful business out of these insights is what sets them apart. 'Strong point of views, but weakly held' is the secret to this job and that is what I constantly work towards.