Head of Marketing

Viswanathan V


Vishy heads the Marketing org at Elevation. He works with our founders and their marketing leaders, and helps them create distinctive and enduring brands. He provides strategic thinking partnership and execution support on branding and communication related projects for our early stage portfolio. He also leads the team responsible for Branding, PR and Community efforts for the Fund. Before joining Elevation, Vishy has worked in Sales and Marketing leadership roles for 15+ years before joining Elevation, first at Unilever and then at Disney+ Hotstar. He holds an MBA from IIM Lucknow.

Founders are increasingly realizing that brand is a key moat that they need to start building for their businesses from the get-go

”It is a privilege to work with our passionate and purpose driven founders on their journeys, and help them craft marketing strategies that not only delivers short term consumer acquisition efficiently, but also builds brand in the long term.

I am deeply excited by the challenge of working in the wide range of spaces our founders are building in, and the myriad consumer problems they are solving for. Success for me is when the founders and teams we support feel more confident about the marketing and communication choices they make, and the in-market results delivered by these.”