Deep Dives

Marketplaces Unleashed

Fuelling India's $200B Consumer Spending Surge


Amit Aggarwal, Anandlogesh RR, Manish Advani

26th September 2023

At Elevation Capital, we’re deeply passionate about consumer marketplaces as a theme and have had a history of being involved in the various evolutions that the space has undergone in India. Marketplaces Unleashed is our deep exploration of the strategies and dynamics shaping robust platform businesses. Through this, Elevation’s Consumer Tech team has attempted to share their framework that builders can use as they create category-defining platforms that shape the next decade of e-commerce.

We have consolidated the articles into an in-depth and hopefully thought-provoking document, distilling key insights from our extensive observations of successful platform businesses within and outside our portfolio. In addition, we have illustrated in detail some interesting up-and-coming marketplace themes that we are excited about that you can find as part of the presentation.

The detailed framework report can be downloaded here.

Alternatively, you can access the three parts of the report using the links below

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