Mayank Khanduja


Mayank is a Partner at Elevation, specialising in consumer tech investments including social, gaming, travel and real estate. Prior to joining Elevation, he was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey. Mayank’s portfolio includes Sharechat, Nobroker, Playsimple Games, and Treebo

Honesty, dedication and hard work are the only ingredients to success

" A founder that excites me is one who is “customer curious” and sharp, with astute skills for digging out real insights and novel solutions, even if they seem counter-intuitive or ahead of time. Many of my investments that have scaled up today were perceived to be very left-field in their early days, but it was the potential impact and a driven founder that made me sign up.

The best part about this job is the opportunity to partner with founders when their idea is just that – an idea – and see their passion and zeal take it to a point where their solution makes a real-world impact. I feel energized being close to creation and partnering with founders in the journey that follows. As an investor, there is a great amount of satisfaction when a paper plan comes to life and becomes a living, breathing, flourishing company.

My style of working is collaborative and thus my obligation to my founders does not end with the term sheet - in fact, it begins with one. It is a pact with the founder to stand shoulder to shoulder, 100% committed to their success. This entails playing many different roles depending on what the founder is looking for - a mentor, a sounding board, a co-founder, or sometimes simply a friend. "